Interview with The Accidental Icon

I’ve been told so many times to start a blog but I’ve always prefered vlogging. Youtube is an outlet that allows me to share my crazy life with my viewers and at the same time, allows me to create content and edit videos which is what I truly enjoy doing. There are so many platforms where we can connect with each other, so as I near the end of my first year at Fordham University, I decided to make a blog. Last night I spoke with the Accidental Icon (@iconaccidental, who instantly inspired me to do this. Also known as Lyn Slater, she began her career ultimately by accident. As a professor at Fordham, becoming an fashion icon was certainly not her goal. With her trademark style, Slater was the subject of many New York City Street photographers, always snapping away, thinking she was somebody. Not gonna lie, especially during NYFW, this always happens to me. If you dress cool enough, chances are, people will want your photo.

As a member of the Fashion For Philanthropy club at my school, we were lucky enough to speak with Lyn. She began by asking everyone our names, majors and minors, and why we were interested in fashion. From Communications to Neuroscience, Lyn was able to prove how any major/job could involve fashion.

Here are a few tips I copied down that I feel are more than worth sharing.

  1. Don’t take every opportunity. Although we are told we miss every opportunity we don’t take, Lyn will only promote clothing or brands that she would wear in real life. If she wouldn’t wear it to teach her students, then she doesn’t promote it.

  2. Authenticity. Never follow trends.

  3. Engage with followers. Before Lyn had 100k followers, every time she received a new follower, she sent them a rose emoji to keep them engaged. Brands that are looking at your profile, aren’t always looking at the number of followers. They look for the amount of likes and comments to see if you actually have a relationship with your followers.

  4. Content over quantity. After gaining popularity and becoming the icon she is, Lyn has developed a schedule for posting. Mondays are a thoughtful paragraph with a street style shot. On Wednesdays she posts a “What I’m Wearing” outfit picture. Fridays are called Friday Fashion Bibliography.

Here are a few questions asked by us students.

Q:Do you ever consider age or body type when choosing clothing?”

A: “Age is not a variable I consider while getting dressed.”

Q: “You said you are almost living a double life. Does your social work and fashion ever overlap?”

A: Last year the UN had a sustainable fashion show and panel where Lyn Slater spoke. She talked about companies like, a brand from Africa that sells very minimal and sustainable garments. Every time you purchase a piece from them, they make a uniform for a child in Africa so they attend school.

Q: “How do you define your style through your personality?”

A: “What are five words that you can use to describe yourself? Who are you and who do you want to be? Look at a piece of clothing in your wardrobe and decide what it says about you.”

What really inspired me to start this blog was how quickly she became popular on accident, and the message and ethics she stands by. Her look is not over the top, but she always stands out.

In order to be successful you’ve got to start somewhere. So, I will be posting hopefully every week on this blog, along with continuing my Youtube Channel. Make sure to check back soon for my next post!

  Lyn Slater, The Accidental Icon

Lyn Slater, The Accidental Icon