Beautycon NYC!

This year I attended my first beautycon ever! Located at the Brooklyn Street Terminal, you could step outside at any moment to admire the stunning view. Beautycon ended up being much more than I had imagined. You could see the the amount of work each vendor put into their stand. My personal favorite was Maybelline! After waiting in line, they gave each of us a Maybelline metro card that was to be swiped at every “subway stop.” They had stations making custom necklaces, graffiti pictures and giving makeovers. After swiping at all the different stations, they gave you a brand new eyeshadow palette and a lip lacquer that has not even hit stores yet.


I met such inspiring ladies, including Jessie Paege,Teala Dunn, Gigi Gorgeous, Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Sioux, Bella and Dani Thorne, Dove Cameron and so many more. I was most excited to see Elaine Welteroth, Editor of Teen Vogue. After her panel, I introduced myself and she gave me such wonderful advice on how to prepare for getting a job in the industry right out of college. Having just finished my first year at Fordham University Lincoln Center, I want to focus my summer to working on my career.

Overall, Beautycon was a space where people from all over and all ages could come together with the same interests and form friendships!

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